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Join the StoryFire rebellion! Watch and create the stories and videos that you want while growing a massive fanbase! Feb 15,  · Re: Extreme Fire Fetish by handsomeboy» Wed Jul 08, pm Thanks for your feedback and for accepting who I am (actually, this is not who I am, I do not identify myself with these fantasies, in my real life I am a different person).

Feb 27,  · Here are some of the gynophagia themed short stories I've read and decided to review and rate here. What does the rating system mean? For Writing and Story, I rate these based on originality, storytelling, grammar and just the plain craft of the high marks to stories with the plot that doesn't seem like a contrived fanfiction or fetish fodder. Stories about Cannibal at the world's best story site. Check out the best amateur writing today!

woman spy put on the firing squad execution, hanging, electric chair or gas chamber. execution by shooting, dark fetish, woman sentence to death. Made by Jacques Biederer (Ostra Studio), a Paris photographer of high-class erotica. In the '20s & 30s he made elegant (and humorous) "French postcard" type nudes - and incredible fetish pictures (spanking, whipping, S&M, pony play, etc.). Was astonished to discover he also dabbled in stag films.