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Use a condom every single time you have sex (including anal and oral). Check the expiration date and throw away all expired condoms. Use lubricants (water or silicone based) with your condom to avoid rippage. Leave a half inch open space at the top of the condom for the semen. Use one condom at a time, not two on top of each other or a female and male condom together. This can cause condoms to slip, and they won't protect properly. Make sure the condom isn't past its expiry date, isn't damaged and hasn't been out in the heat for too long. That can make it brittle.

Mar 15,  · The Dos and Don'ts of Using Household Objects for Sex. If you're thinking of sticking a cucumber up your vag, read this first. By Natalie Wall. DO: Put a Condom On It. Jun 02,  · In other words: men complaining about condom use, and flat-out refusing to wear protection, is not a rare occurrence. Dudes, we get it. We know you think sex feels better without a condom.

The decreasing use of condoms in the United States says otherwise. From to , condom use among U.S. high school students fell from 62 percent to 54 percent, according to the Centers for. Always use a water- or silicone-based lubricant! Oil will damage the condom. So avoid any contact with suncare products, vaseline, massage oil, baby oil, etc. Check the instructions when using vaginal medicines and sprays.