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Only in the past 30 years or so has the term "adult development" been taken seriously, and the insights gained from this burgeoning research have implications for the development of leaders. . Leadership & Organizational Development. Miro Group. Chris Wahl,, MCC, is an executive coach and organization development consultant who brings the theory and practicalities of how adults develop into all of her coaching with senior leaders and their leadership teams. Chris is the founder of the Georgetown University Leadership Coaching .

Nov 03,  · Drawing on Kegan’s Theory of Adult Development Amortegui is passionate about how to merge together the theoretical and empirical research that exists on leadership development on the one hand with what we know about adult development on the other. She believes that, when coupled, this builds deeper learning experiences. Adult Development Theory. Since s some scholars have argued about the potential benefit of integrating adult development theory into leadership development. Nevertheless, there have been comparatively little in the management and leadership research literature that leverages the theory. It may not be a surprise, because adult development has been in the .

Find out more how insights from adult development theory can boost your leadership coaching or team development. Let’s start a conversation Adult development theory provides us with a powerful map to understand how we mature socially and cognitively. Feb 08,  · It’s gaining traction in the the realm of Leadership Development at top tech companies, and encourages individuals, and hence a company culture, of less reactivity, greater interdependence and Author: Marisol Macgregor.