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G-unit – 8 More Miles Lyrics. This rap shit playz a major part of my life So if ya jeprodize it i got tha right Ta send a mutha fucka at ya tonight G UNIT 40 calbz under my pillow condom fillin my semen Physical presence a female a form of a demon that's y i. Click to watch this video explinationof the GeeWhiz Condom Catheter; If you hate leg bags, UroBag Pant is an option for you. The unit can easily attach to a leg bag or bedside bag for extra capacity. Note: add the leg bag photo from the shopping cart. Main Features & Drawbacks.

Jul 21,  · G-UNIT rapper LLOYD BANKS has become the latest hip-hop star to try his hand at DVD porn after signing a new deal with JENNA JAMESON's former cohorts DIGITAL SIN. Banks, who hit number one in. A condom is a sheath-shaped barrier device used during sexual intercourse to reduce the probability of pregnancy or a sexually transmitted infection (STI). There are both male and female condoms. With proper use—and use at every act of intercourse—women whose partners use male condoms experience a 2% per-year pregnancy rate. With typical use the rate of .

Fronted by 50 Cent, the G Unit quickly redefined the urban music industry. They produced a series of street albums with original numbers and high quality artwork, making the discs something more than a bootleg, but not quite an independent release. 50 Cent was soon signed to Shady/Aftermath/ Interscope Records and released the instantly classic. Yeah. 50 Cent. Lloyd Banks. Tony Yayo. G-Unit [Lloyd Banks:] This rap shit plays a major part in my life So if you jeopardize it I got the right To send a mothafucker at you tonight G-Unit Forty cal. under my pillow, condom feeling my semen The physical presence of a female in he forms of a demon That's why I fuck 'em and leave 'em, get my.