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(Heroes FanFic) THIS HAPPENS VOLUME 4 "Fugitives" Lyra Gray is a year-old who just became a paramedic with Peter Petrelli. The use of Claire's old nickname for her tore a hole in Vivian's heart. "Y-you remember Claire, right? C-Claire Bennet?" Vivian choked back a few sobs. Aunt Cass's blonde bob shook with her head nodding 'yes'. "Dear, what happened?" "She d-died on June 13th." Vivian sobbed. Her aunt engulfed her in a warm hug and Vivian sobbed and sobbed. "Oh.

Heroes: Claire Bennet, Mohinder Suresh, fan fic, general discussion, actor news heroes_cyoa 12 years ago heroes_ Heroes 12 years ago. Carey Hannah Mulligan (born 28 May ) is a British actress. She made her professional acting debut on stage in the Kevin Elyot play Forty Winks at the Royal Court film debut came with a supporting role in the romantic drama Pride & Prejudice (), followed by roles in television, including the drama series Bleak House () and the television film Northanger Missing: fanfic.

Come on Claire why are you still watching this, you're not a lesbian. What is wrong though I can't stop watching and my heart rate speeds up. "tell me what you want?" her voice breaks my thoughts and I shiver. I notice a button on the screen that . This article archives the history of Claire Bennet during Season One. For more about Claire Bennet, see the main article. For Claire Bennet's Season Two history, see here. For Claire Bennet's Season Three history, see here. 1 Character History Genesis Don't Look Back One Giant Leap Collision Aftermath Hiros Better Halves Nothing to Hide .