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Horsman (in Magro, ) adds “difficulty in concentrating, in processing and remembering information, in taking risks, and in beginning and completing new tasks are among the barriers that adult learners may face” (25). Hyland & Norman () cite Kennedy () who includes “stress and anxiety” and “generalFile Size: KB. Apr 01,  · Some examples of situational barriers to adult learning include lack of transportation, scheduling challenges with work, the high cost of education and problems with childcare. Because of these factors, adult learners may be dependent on other people such as employers, spouses, friends and children to support their educational efforts.

Barriers to Adult Learning: Bridging the Gap. A fundamental aspect of adult education is engaging adults in becoming lifelong learners. More often than not, this requires removing barriers to learning, especially those relating to the actual organisational or institutional learning process. This article explores some of the main barriers to adult learning discussed in the Cited by: