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Thesis: Adult illiteracy is a major stumbling block in the growth and development of the country, but a variety of steps can be taken to solve the problem. There are many different levels and classifications to illiteracy ranging from low literate to completely illiterate. In. Feb 02,  · Turner said that "functionally illiterate" adults lack the ability to successfully read and write at a level needed to better manage their daily life. .

Nov 18,  · You've probably heard that America has a hidden illiteracy problem; millions of Americans can't read at all, while millions more can only read at an elementary school level. But there's another knowledge problem that faces America – innumeracy. illiteracy when it comes to understanding numbers. years old. The global adult literacy rate was 86% in , while the youth literacy rate was 91%. According to UIS data, the majority of countries missed the Education for All (EFA) goal of reducing adult illiteracy rates by 50% between and At the global level, the adult and youth literacy rates are estimated to have grown by only 4%.

Jul 27,  · However, more recently we have come to understand the economic consequences of the lack of literacy skills for America and American business. Illiteracy has a significant impact on the economy. According to Nation’s Business magazine, 15 million adults holding jobs today are functionally illiterate. Most countries in East Asia and the Pacific, as well as Latin America and the Caribbean, are above a 90% literacy rate for adults. Illiteracy persists to a greater extent in other regions: UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS) data indicates adult literacy rates of only % in South Asia and North Africa, % in Sub-Saharan Africa.