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adult spanking how to - How to quit smoking

This blog celebrates the erotic side of spanking as long practiced by one married couple. We don't spank for punishment or discipline or any reason other than to supercharge sex. Bogey and Bacall. There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so. Shakespeare. People love spanking for a variety of reasons. Some love it because they like to explore pleasure and pain. Others like the role-play aspect of spanker and spankee. I enjoy being spanked for a combination of reasons. I like to be dominated plus I enjoy the sting of a decent flogging.

domestic discipline spanking This is the most realistic of the type of spanking session I implements this type of session could include are: hand, paddle, strap, leather belt, and as well as other implements that are found in most households or schools. Tagged adult spanking, domestic discipline, self spanking, self spanking tips, spanking machines. 12 comments. Share this post. I found this image containing tips for self spankers and thought I would share. I know there are times when self spanking is the only option, but my tip for self spankers is this: contact me. I will spank you.

Disciplinary Spanking Talk Welcome. This forum is for parents, those who take care of kids, adults, and kids themselves, to discuss spankings we have or were given, discipline and other punishments. This board believes in lax moderation, and will only delete the most blatant of trolling, harassment and spam. Subject: Author: Date. Using a belt on the bare bottom hurts so much more than a hand or paddle, that it advances to the next level of corporal punishment. When a belt is used it's often referred to as a whipping. When the belt strikes the bottom the end of the belt whi.