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Why the hell would I use an adult search engine when Google exists? You may have noticed over the last few years that Google has been making it harder and harder for people to get access to the content that they want online – especially in the adult space. The search engine doesn’t really provide that much of a way for people to find the. InfoSpace metasearch engine offering search of the general web, or images, audio, video and news. Also offers search of Yellow Pages and White Pages.

Yahoo used to be one of the most significant search engines in the world; it now only owns just under % of the market.. We should not be too hasty when talking about the decrease in popularity over the years, as Yahoo is still respectably the third-largest search engine in the U.S. Yahoo's search results look a little bit like Bing's (perhaps not surprising as Bing powers them), but they. United States, United States Sensual Massage, United States Erotic Services.

5. DuckDuckGo – Private search engine based in the US. DuckDuckGo is a US-based search engine that was started by Gabriel Weinberg in It generates search results from over sources including Wikipedia, Bing, Yandex, and Yahoo. DuckDuckGo has a close partnership with Yahoo (owned by Verizon), which helps it to better filter search results.. In testing out DDG for this private search. Unlike other search engines, DuckDuckGo emphasizes privacy and does not record user information. Research. 9. Wolfram Alpha – A service that answers factual queries directly by computing the answer from structured, curated data, rather than providing a list of documents or web pages that might contain the answer as a search engine might.