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Pomeranians hail from the now-defunct Baltic province of Pomeriania, which was bordered by Germany and Poland. They were used as guard dogs and herd dogs, and often seen on local trading boats. They are of the Spitz variety of dogs (long, furry coats, pointed ears and muzzles), which have been seen in paintings as far back as B.C.! Search for pomeranian rescue dogs for adoption near Fresno, California. Adopt a rescue dog through PetCurious. List Your Pets. Find Dogs. Find Cats. List Your Pets. Find Dogs Find adult not mixed. MORE DETAILS. QUE. Pomeranian. Irvine, California. male small senior not mixed. MORE DETAILS. LEAH. Pomeranian, Poodle. Winnetka, California.

Aug 22,  · A Pomeranian or Zwergspitz (Dwarf-Spitz or German Toy Spitz) is small dog. Dogs taller than the required standard would not be within the Pomeranian (toy spitz) requirements, but could be reclassified as a German Spitz Klein (Miniature Spitz). Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) Is NOT connected in anyway to the American Continental Kennel Club. A healthy adult dog that’s not engaged in serious exercise generally needs a dog food that has a fat percentage that is about half of the food’s protein percentage. For instance, if your Pomeranian’s kibble has a protein percentage of 26 percent, a fat percentage of about 13 percent would be suitable for most dogs.

Find Pomeranian dogs and puppies from Florida breeders. It’s also free to list your available puppies and litters on our site. Adult. Color N/A. Gender Female. Zoey is 3 years old, she is not spayed and had a litter of puppies. Her puppies top at pounds with her smallest being 2 pounds. She is very sweet and. Growing Pomeranian puppies have high energy demands. One-and-a-quarter cups of food per day at 5 pounds or 2 cups of food per day at 6 pounds is appropriate. As adults, a quarter-cup to one-half cup of adult food per pound of weight is ample, but give less if your Pomeranian walks away from his food for more than five minutes.