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Adults with NVLD may also experience depression and anxiety disorder. As such, they may engage in compulsive behaviors as ways to ease anxiety. As you can see, nonverbal learning disorder affects a. Non-Verbal Learning Disability is a complicated and poorly understood social and spatial learning disability. People with NVLD struggle with a range of conditions but specifically have difficulty with social skills and spatial concepts.

I would be glad to correspond w/ you on Mefi email if have specific questions that I maybe can answer as the parent of an adult with NVLD. posted by mumstheword at PM on March 16, Oh, also in the "benefits" section, some people with NLD are unusually good at learning new languages. Symptom Tests for Adults [Self-Test] Nonverbal Learning Disorder (NLD) in Adults Could your social anxiety, lack of humor, and stubborn schedules suggest a nonverbal learning disorder (NLD)? Take this quick self-test to better understand the symptoms of NLD vs. ADHD.

Nonverbal learning disability (NLD) refers to a learning disorder that is characterized by deficits in visual-spatial organization and processing that significantly interferes with academic and social functioning (1). A specific neuropsychological profile of strengths and weaknesses typically associated with NLD has been identified. The Dark Side of NLD NLD is a complex disorder with many sub-disorders. Posted Sep 17,