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The only items adults in custody may receive directly from friends or family are photos and letters. Books, magazines, and newspapers must be sent to the AIC directly from a publisher/distributor. All other items, such as games or food, are prohibited. Because of this, letters are very important. Welcome to FreeLists, where for more than 20 years we have strived to be the premier mailing list host on the Internet. Millions of people from across the globe use FreeLists every day to connect with friends, customers, co-workers, and more. Our focus on high-quality topics and groups means you're part of a special community.

Adult protective services are set up to aid elder adults and Adults-at-Risk who have been abused, neglected, or exploited. If you suspect an elder adult or adult at risk has experienced, is currently experiencing, or is at risk of experiencing abuse, neglect, self-neglect, or financial exploitation, your first step should be to contact the. the types of services and programs available that help an adult remain at home. who to contact to get in-home services. You can either pay for care out of pocket yourself (private pay) or through health insurance (Medicare, Medicaid, other insurances) In many cases, it will be both.

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