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At the World Literacy Foundation, we believe in literacy as the foundation of lifelong learning and education. People who cannot read or write experience difficulties with simple everyday tasks such as reading the label of a medicine bottle, filling in a . Dec 10,  · Each year, the Dollar General Literacy Foundation provides financial support to schools, nonprofit organizations and libraries within a .

Adult Literacy Some 40 million American adults read below the sixth-grade level, making it tough for them to do everyday tasks ranging from writing a letter to filling out a job application. A Wallace initiative sought to find out how . The Virginia Literacy Foundation (VLF), is an organization whose mission is to reduce adult illiteracy in Virginia by providing funding and technical support to private, volunteer adult literacy organizations that teach low level literacy adults to read and write with one-on-one instruction and tutoring. The VLF was founded by Jeannie Baliles, Virginia's First Lady from to .

All requests must align with the Foundation’s mission: "Supporting adult and family literacy in the United States by fostering new and promoting existing adult literacy and educational programs." When will donations be made? The Wish You Well Foundation makes donations at various times throughout the year. Our foundation has awarded more than $ million to support literacy and learning. In turn, these grants have enabled more than 12 million people to .