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Adult Interdependent Relationships Act. Summary; Detailed Information; Related (1) Description. This act applies to unmarried individuals in a relationship of interdependence. It defines who qualifies as an "adult interdependent partner." Updated. September 1, Tags legislation law. Sep 01,  · 2 This Act applies to adult interdependent relationships arising before or after this Act comes into force.

The Adult Interdependent Relationships Act says that all the circumstances of the relationship must be looked at to see if it is an adult interdependent relationship. The Act also lists some specific factors that the court looks at. The factors are: whether the couple has a conjugal (sexual) relationship;. in or was in an adult interdependent relationship has the onus of proving the existence of the relationship. Partnership Act does not apply 12 The Partnership Act does not apply to an adult interdependent relationship. Regulations 13 The Minister may make regulations (a) respecting the form, contents and execution of an adult.