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Jan 21,  · Female Reproductive The female reproductive system is one of the most vital parts of the human reproductive process. Although a man is needed to reproduce, it . Female Reproductive System Female fertility (the ability to conceive) peaks when women are in their twenties, and is slowly reduced until a women reaches 35 years of age. After that time, fertility declines more rapidly, until it ends completely at the end of menopause.

Gray’s Anatomy – Illustrations of the Male Reproductive System – and – the Female Reproductive System. Anatomy pictures of the male and female reproductive organs. Medical illustration of a woman’s vulva – Vulva Picture. Adult Ovary, Uterine Fallopian Tube, Wolffian – Grays Anatomy, Feb 08,  · Aging changes in the female reproductive system result mainly from changing hormone levels. One clear sign of aging occurs when your menstrual periods stop permanently. This is known as menopause. The time before menopause is called perimenopause.

The female reproductive system is adapted so that an egg cell (gamete) can be produced and then fertilized by a sperm cell. The developing offspring is carried by the female being provided with nutrition until it is ready to be born. After birth nourishments are provided to the new infant by the female. Apr 09,  · Female Reproductive System Physiology The Reproductive Cycle. The female reproductive cycle is the process of producing an ovum and readying the uterus to receive a fertilized ovum to begin pregnancy. If an ovum is produced but not fertilized and implanted in the uterine wall, the reproductive cycle resets itself through menstruation.