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One aspect of the research was to investigate the participation rates of adult learners in the higher education system, in general, and to attempt to identify variables (apart from age), such as. Feb 05,  · I am doing my research on Adult Education and I was wondering if someone could help me. The Role of the school Principal to the school effectiveness. I will focus on Adult Education .

In association with the HALE program, the Center for Higher and Adult Education serves as a research hub for innovation and the advancement of higher education. Students and faculty are invited to fully participate in the center’s efforts further policy and international work in postsecondary education. Adult education courses are taught online using Canvas. Canvas is the Indiana University online course management system. Canvas is the Indiana University online course management system. It allows faculty and students to create, integrate, use, and maintain Web-based teaching and learning resources.

A study determined the extent to which graduate students have contributed to the body of adult education knowledge through published research. It described content of graduate research articles and identified graduate programs, faculty who supported its production, and levels of graduate study involved in research publication. The study also examined the characteristics of graduate student.