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Ear tube placement in adults is a quick and relatively uncomplicated procedure. It is typically performed in your doctor's office under local anesthesia and takes approximately 15 minutes. Your doctor will give you instructions to follow prior to the appointment. Adult Ear Tubes Ear tubes, or tympanostomy tubes, are small cylinders surgically inserted in the eardrum to relieve chronic ear infection or persistent middle-ear fluid. Though ear-tube insertion is especially common for children, it can also help adults who .

Ear diseases left undiagnosed and untreated can lead to more serious health issues over time. Inflammation. Untreated ear infections can cause conditions such as mastoiditis — an inflammation of the bone near your ear. Hearing Loss. Many adults experience a . Unlike childhood ear infections, which are often minor and pass quickly, adult ear infections are frequently signs of a more serious health problem. If you’re an adult with an ear infection, you.

Re: adult ear grommet pressure/hearing loss Just in case anyone's interested, my right ear has now 'settled down' quite a bit. It's still plugged up as far as hearing goes, but I think my brain has done something to accept/adjust to the new situation, so that I now feel a lot better. Parents know how common earaches are in children, but adults can get frequent ear pain, too. You don’t have to have an infection, or even anything wrong with your ears, to have ear pain. These are.