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CycleSimplex is the best hitch or roof trike or bicycle rack. We make racks for all styles of trikes, tandem bikes, recumbent bikes, We make racks for cars, SUV’s, RV’s and trucks. Our racks are USA made. Take a recumbent delta or tadpole trike to your favorite bike trail with this hitch bike rack. Ratcheting frame hook and adjustable wheel hoops securely hold your bisexs.xyz-rattle, locking hitch .. lifetime warranty The Sport Rider platform-style hitch trike carrier makes it simple to carry 1 recumbent delta trike or 1 recumbent tadpole-style trike on the rear of your vehicle.

May 12,  · Carriers have a variety of buckles and fasteners on the shoulder and waist straps for adult and baby. Buckles that hold shoulder and waist straps should be . The "adult" trailer is a bicycle trailer for special use needs often for mobility impared individuals. It may be an expansion of the child carrier to give more leg room as an added on accessory, or it may be ordered with a longer frame and built to fit a longer superstructure.

This hitch bike rack and cargo carrier combo lets you take 2 bikes and lbs of extra gear on your trip. Frame hooks and wheel hoops securely hold your bikes. Anti-rattle system reduces wobble delta trike, 1 recumbent tadpole-style trike, or 1 adult trike, then you can use the HRTRK-ADP-2 . Sep 16,  · Boba Carrier is its name and I used one to carry my once little boy. By "Adult" baby, its not just the age, but the weight of the child being considered. I believe their baby carriers are limited.