face girl belted in bed - adult belt spanking


adult belt spanking - face girl belted in bed

Spanking is so popular in Britain that it's practically a national hobby, with high-flying men dropping their trousers for a good thrashing up and down . Lawrence Kinden's. Corporal Fiction. Twitter: @KindenLawrence Warning: My stories depict consensual, semi-consensual, and non-consensual spanking.I do not advocate spanking real life children. Spanking is for consenting adults and fictional characters.

One of the most common interests of the sado-masochistic-uniform scene is the schoolgirl in her gymslip. The arousal which is engendered in male minds by the sight of a nubile adolescent in her school uniform is only surpassed by the prospect of taking a cane to her plump knickered bottom. Now as an adult, the belt is one of the most used implements. Ours is a doubled strip of 2 inch wide leather quite thick and attached to a wood handle. Cheeks and thighs get it long and hard until they are crimson red and I am shedding tears. The method of pausing for a bit then spanking for a second offense has also been used here.

Sentencing – If I am wearing the implement to be used for the spanking (like my sandal or belt), I will take it off and then sit in the big chair in our room (which becomes my Throne anytime I sit in it). If I have decided on spanking you with a different implement, then I will send you to get it, along with their corresponding sandals if I. The crazed father basically ends up spanking everyone with a belt in this scene! First the daughter, then the son and then finally his wife when she tries t.