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Social-emotional development is also impacted by physical development and vice versa. A human’s development of confidence may be affected by the physical development. Puberty is another reason why physical development affects social-emotional development. social-emotional development intertwines with that of identit y, moral, and ca reer in dynamic ways that portend on e’s futur e attitudes and lifestyle. Fresh from per - ceived travails of late.

Perceived physical age (i.e., the age one looks in a mirror) is one aspect that requires considerable self-related adaptation in social and cultural contexts that value young bodies. Feeling younger and being satisfied with one’s own aging are expressions of positive self-perceptions of aging. Social development and emotional development are closely intertwined as young people search for a sense of self and personal identity.

Sep 12,  · Early adulthood, middle adulthood, and late adulthood are the three main stages of physical, emotional, and psychological development. In terms of physical development, early adulthood is the. This young adult has interrupted his education to volunteer for Clowns Without Borders, an organization that brings joy to children living in refugee camps and conflict zones. Here he entertains a Haitian audience, most of whom endure harsh and often dangerous living conditions. Emotional and Social Development in Early AdulthoodFile Size: 1MB.